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Your Name: Kisa
Your Age: 22
Contact Info:
Timezone: CST
Team Preferences: None! My brain did laugh and go "Barghest" because space themed names but not super necerssary.

Character Name: Farkle Minkus
Canon: Girl Meets World (But this is actually a CRAU with a verse AU? It's from a HP AU game! Some differences but mostly the same as a character)
Character Background:
Farkle Minkus was born into a rich and proud pureblood family in the twenty-first century. Stuart and Jennifer peppered him with everything he could possible want, but otherwise the boy found himself mostly alone. His mother would always be there, but his father was often too busy with work. And often times his mother would also leave in the middle of things due to fighting with his father.

That's the one constant the boy has always had in his life: His parents fighting. He's watched it from a very young age and it's practically become routine. It's not lowkey fighting, it's loud and at the end of it usually his mother has left. When there's not fighting there's always an obvious tension, his mother is (and has always been) a very controlling person.

So when he was around seven and was signed up for primary lessons with a few other wizarding children things changed. He mostly kept to himself at the time, not really paying attention in classes. Because he didn't have to pay attention. He knew all the answers and so when the teacher tried calling him out one day he did the thing he does best-- correct them. This earns a scolding and some laughter from the other kids, and a young boy deciding to never speak again.

It's through this that a young girl giggled and came up to him. Riley Matthews. At first he was perplexed about why she was there and if she was going to laugh at him, but instead the girl started hammering him with a million questions. It's the first time Farkle Minkus turns into mush around the girl but for the rest of those years the two were rarely seen away from each other.

Due to the two's parents past friendship/rivalries they ended up going on family outings a lot. By the time he was eleven the boy had found himself sneaking over to the Matthews house more often than his own. If only to accept the stressful fighting.

It's Farkle to receive his Hogwarts letter first. He laughs at Riley a bit who exclaims about things haughtily, but she soon catches up and gets her own. They spend weeks reading their books together and one fact becomes clear that the two never want to broach-- The likelihood of their imminent separation. Even as Riley insisted she'd be a Ravenclaw like her mom they both knew the truth.

So when Hogwarts time rolled around and the two found themselves sharing a compartment with a pretty halfblood all Farkle could do is smile and try to insert himself in. This was Maya Hart and given how she clicked with her best friend, he decided he'd have to love her just the same as he did Riley... It's when Riley stumbles into Lucas Friar's lap on the boats to Hogwarts that Farkle really feels some anxiety.

It's quickly passed up by going into the school and being sorted. He watched as his friends all got sorted-- Riley, Hufflepuff. Lucas, Gryffindor. Maya, Slytherin. And when it was his turn he was shaking more than a little. With good reason-- he was a hatstall, torn primarily between the houses of Ravenclaw and Slytherin. But then after several minutes of internal discussion the hat decided on the house that soars. And the rest was history.

In all, the events of his social life at school fall similarly to that as it did originally. With some key differences. He became close to the girls of his year in his house, Smackle and Rori. They spent a lot of time rolling their eyes at the state of things and eventually as a group would end up trying to discuss the best well-oiled murder plans and escape routes. It was all theoretical, none of them were bad kids, but they found entertainment in making the perfect plan (and often with their brains they did just that).

The triangle between Lucas/Riley/Maya wouldn't happen until some years later and it was never really a traingle at all. Lucas and Riley dated but by the time they ended their fourth year had sort-of called it off. At least it was in name, but Lucas thought they were still a thing... Which meant that when Riley began falling Farkle and the two started dating by their sixth year things would get a little hectic.

Not that it wasn't by then anyway. Farkle had gained a love for astronomy and science and, in far too many ways, diverted from the natural pureblood standing. He'd been declaring for years he'd be the Minister of Magic, but now it balanced with a desire to study astrophysics more thoroughly. Something Riley encouraged, but he doubted his father would approve of.

Which was a huge thing-- seeking his father's approval. The older he got the more his parents were less likely to hide how they truly felt. They fought openly more frequently and his mother stayed away more frequently. Meanwhile, Stuart put more pressures of success on his son. Something that, until recently, Farkle was happily doing on his own..

...But now the stress of things was piling on and the boy's at a limbo where he wants it all to just stop. And thus began a spiral of not going to class for a week and here he is.
Character personality: (This is from an actual verse app since nothing really changes personality realize!)
he most important trait in Farkle is his loyalty. It's easy to say that being intelligent and sometimes manipulative is his domineering traits, but they're not who Farkle is. In "I am Farkle" it's best explained that the person who Farkle is that he can't stop talking about his friends and being with them is the most important thing to him. One of the best definers of this is that, in spite of them rebuffing, Farkle faithfully loves both Maya and Riley. Even when they're off in their own world or taking him for granted, he stands by them and tries to protect them.

In spite of how small and unlikely he appears to be, Farkle will do anything for his friends. He's seen coming face-to-face with a couple boys harassing the girls who are both bigger than him. Even later, still, he ties up Lucas saying that it was to keep him restrained so he wouldn't go after the girls immediately (of course, Lucas is incredibly strong so that didn't last long). His own dream of being a dictator was also, at one point, put to the side because he realized that he wouldn't have friends that way. It's these things that really show the spark of loyalty in him. Things might terrify him or stand in his way, but if his friends need him he'll always drop everything for them.

He does this without expecting anything in return. One of the most telling times is when he does defend the girls and promptly says "you may take me for granted, but I'm Canada, and I'll always be there". In this sense the important thing to Farkle isn't what his friends can do for him-- an important aspect in almost every other thing he does-- but what he can for them. It's the fact they take the time to spend every day with him that he holds onto. That's why he's so loyal to them and will always be on their side.

In spite of this great feeling of loyalty to his friends, Farkle is also kind of a mess of emotions. In year one when he's called "Nothing" this really strikes a chord in him. He goes into hiding and even, for once in his life, stops coming to class. He doesn't seek out his friends and, in fact, tries to shut them out accusing them about why they'd be his friends in the first place. In some ways, it's because while he holds them to this great position he doesn't see himself as equal to that in their eyes.

This goes a little further into "I am Farkle" where they discuss the possibility of Farkle having autism. He doesn't, but there's something important here to note that he says he doesn't understand love, social cues, and a whole checklist worth of things. So, in spite of being so intelligent, in a lot of ways he's pretty socially and emotionally unaware. He's seen calling his friends "dumdums" almost to their face with no remorse. Not because he thinks they are, but because he doesn't really have a filter onto what he says. He's a straightforward person who speaks what he thinks, does what he speaks and has no real in between.

That's the reason everyone thinks him weird. Because he's the kid that at one point spoke in first person, he's the kid that passes out when panicked, and he's also the kid that happily declares he'll take over the world. Most kids don't do all of these things and, if they do, it's only one aspect. During his first few years at school he didn't think anything was wrong with any of these things, but during year when he's mocked for being the "most likely to Farkle" he decided to change himself completely. Through this he's toned down a lot of his old quirks, but we've still seen them on occasion including when he freaked out in classes and declared he would be Pippin in any play the school put on.

Furthering, even though he may at times be socially unaware, it's never been a matter of cruelty with Farkle. While there are times he's accidentally hurt Riley in his desire to be at the top, but at the end of the day he apologizes and realizes he shouldn't have done it. It's this realization of his actions that are important, but it's not a sudden awareness that brings him to it. It's because he does value his friends and their happiness above even his own. Lucas at one point defines him as the "genius that is loyal and kind" and this is the truest thing that can be said about him.

It's important to note that a lot of Farkle's social unawareness comes from his home situation-- He's seen saying he doesn't understand what love or families are on numerous occasions. While he's spent plenty of time growing up with the Matthews, Farkle also spent a majority of his time listening to his two biggest rolemodels do nothing but argue. So being around more than a few people who genuinely love people is anew experience for him and is something he's learning.

Farkle is a lot like Riley in the sense that he sees the world in a kind of focalized-scope. While he's not nearly as naive as Riley is, they're much the same in how they feel about their existence in the world and with their friends. So similar to Riley Farkle has a kind of kindness about him that embraces the nature of people and things around him. We don't see him judge people for what they are and it's a part of the reason he states he loves both Riley and Maya equally: Because even though they're different they're both important aspects of the world. Even later, when it's revealed Smackle has autism and she says they can't be together about that he discounts that by saying "but you also showed me compassion and concern, let me do that for you".

It's this nature that overpowers even his social awkwardness among his friends. Because even if the outside observer would often see the silly, goofy kid his friends know the difference. Even their classmates see it as Farkle, especially in recent times, tries to stand up for Cory's lessons and choose the "good" option instead of the "bad" one. Even more still, he's openly asked both Maya and Riley on dates good-naturedly in class knowing they'd deny him. He does all of this very openly, expecting and knowing rejection will come but he's never put off or upset about it. Partly because he considers it "not real" but also because it's that friendship with the girls that overpowers everything else. So, it's why when Riley complains she just wants to be asked to a dance, he does. Because he wants to ask her so someone does-- for her-- but in good-nature expected the no that proceeded.
In all, Farkle is actually fairly well confident in who he is as a person. That's not to say he doesn't have fears or uncertainties-- he does. He doesn't think that "most likely to be Farkle" is a good thing at all. He changes himself completely because of this. Even in the first season he decides to stop wearing turtle necks and going to class because someone called him a "nothing". It hurt him a lot to feel like both of these things and it's something he struggles with. Unlike his friends, he didn't come back from when he changed in Girl Meets Yearbook. He decided he needed to explore who he was outside of what everyone thought "Farkle" was. Because, ultimately, while he's unafraid to declare he will one day be dictator he is afraid to be nothing to the people around him-- and that's a very distinct difference in the mind of a thirteen/fourteen year old boy.

Ultimately, one of the most important things to realize about Farkle at his current point in life is that he's all of the things listed above and sometimes none of them at all. Yes, he's still a scientist. Yes, he still wants to rule the world one day. And, yes, maybe he's a little too obsessed with the idea of being Pippin. But something pivotal happened in his fourth year in that he did decide that maybe he should figure out more of who he is. So he's experimenting and trying new things. That's important to him. He wants to be comfortable with who he is as person and so things may change with him. Already he's learned maybe sports aren't so bad and that love is something he can do and does have. He's expanding his horizons and trying new things. That doesn't mean he always succeeds, sometimes he's still just a little too "Farkle-y", but at least for now he's trying to figure who exactly that will be.
Effects of memory loss:
Emotionally, Farkle would be somewhat of a blank slate. This is because that until more recently he didn't really... Understand his own feelings. He started picking them up about two years ago but until then he considered it a game. He didn't think he knew how to feel. So ICly this could come into play one of two ways: He may actually e able to become emotionally mature... Or lose it all completely.

He wildly grows from outside influences. While he's not Riley levels of change himself for someone else's purposes, Farkle does take to heart what others say about him due to being called 'Nothing' and 'most likely to be Farkle' so what this means for memoryloss-- Is he'd shape himself to whatever group of people he falls in with. Whatever that may mean for him. He can change absolutely drastically in that sense. It's shown in canon that in his early years he only knew manipulation and power, so he'd do whatever it took to make that. But once he made friends and realized he cared about people and wanted to help that some energy went into doing the right thing.

So he's a versitile character depending on influences! And given that a lot of his early memories will be fueled with running away and/or being told he was nothing and feeling like nothing... He could definitely stray away from the boy he's beccme.
Personal Item: A copy of Pippin, honestly. Because Magical or otherwise he's still obsessed.
Sample: Okay, here's two! One is from Ryslig where there's multiple threads showing, you know, not the best scenarios! Meanwhile the second is actually a tumblr thread (since that was where the CRAU was). So that would be in verse.
He shakes his head quietly at Luca’s latest remark. “I’ve tried before,” he says, another small, casual shrug. And he has. It’s often hard to explain why he feels what he does. There’s a reason he avoids it and, even lately, he has to think carefully about some of the things he says to Riley. Not because he doesn’t feel them, but because explaining them is too complicated for him to figure out.

He knows he’s expected to have the answers. Personally, he demands that same excellence of himself. If he doesn’t have the answer he wants Farkle goes out and finds it. Through whatever means necessary. That was a part of the reason he could have so easily gone to Slytherin if the hat had decided that was the way to go. He hated not knowing something or the uncertainty behind certain acts. It’s why he can’t quite focus on the situation at hand right now.

It’s why when Luca finally responds he glances up at the other boy and his features tighten. It’s anger, though the way he turns away just as quickly it’s not at the other boy. He’s heard all those statements before, of course, though not from his own parents. Stuart wasn’t exactly traditional. He liked Muggle technology and science almost as much as Farkle, he had his own helicopter and dabbled in any business he could.

But he also knew his father hadn’t escaped the whole pureblood politics nonsense– And neither did his mother. Though she was the one that demanded he loved her and marry him, but it rooted down to the same essential thing Luca spoke of. Even though that was how it was arranged, they never forced Farkle into any such notations. Or maybe it was because they had always expected him to end up with Riley–that thought made his stomach sink.

No, that wasn’t it either, though. He was sure of it, because his parents even if they weren’t in love with each other… They very much loved him. So when he finally responds to Luca it’s another shake of his head. “That’s stupid,” the words come out roughly, all too knowing but frustrated just the same, “none of that’s going to matter in the end. The point of marriage, real marriage, is to be with someone you love and want to be with. You can’t just force people together and expect it to work out just for the sake of honor.” Because that’s what it all boiled down to.

He pinches his eyes closed and exhaled. “It’s not a divorce,” he amends– not yet, a voice in his head reminds. But he swallows that down, “they argue a lot they always have, it’s a ‘separation’.” The words feel wrong on his tongue. The ring he wears on his finger seems to burn once more against his skin as he thumps the hand against his leg. “They were never dependent on anything,” he says with a swallow, “I guess they just decided they didn’t have any reason to pretend anymore.”

Because it’s true, Stuart made his own name. Jennifer could have wound up anywhere. It’s a sinking feeling that it was now, after he called them out, they decided to act and maybe that’s why he has so much issues with this. Not that he wouldn’t have before, but it feels more his fault than ever.

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an open post for hazel levesque [personal profile] courageously and percy jackson [personal profile] unrestrained
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[You probably weren't expecting the oldest grandchild of Aang accosting you today, were you? She seems to be peering up with wide, curious eyes as if there's a fountain of information in you waiting to  come out. At least she's not acting like either of who two siblings, who might just be nearby terrorizing the first person they can find. Or maybe she just has a different brand of terrorism? It doesn't take her much hesitation to speak at all:]

Hey, can I ask you something?

B. [WILD CARD. Find a bakerstreet meme prompt and I will follow you!]
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[THERE IS A GIRL ACCOSTING YOU. What do you do now? What did you do now?

Maybe it's a Rosella.

Maybe it's a Hermione.

It's a mystery which it is!]
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- ★ NAME: Kisa
- ★ AGE: 21
- ★ CONTACT: / plurk: rainbowtrain

- ★ NAME: Ron Weasley
- ★ AGE: 19
- ★ CANON & CANON POINT: Harry Potter, post Deathly Hallows

On March 1st, 1980, Ronald Bilius Weasley was born the sixth child of Arthur and Molly (nee’ Prewett) Weasley. From an early age his life was encumbered by the warfare that was the Wizarding World, as if to predict what later may become of his life. His youngest sibling and sister, Ginny, would be born just weeks before the first Wizarding World would end and dispel the tension within it. But, for what it’s worth, despite hardships, Ronald grew up well within his family. The Weasleys, an old family within the Wizarding World, were poor and “blood” traitors, but that by no means meant they lacked.

Being the sixth of seven has put a great deal of emphasis on Ron about family. He can become easily upset and jealous of them, this much is true, but at the end of the day he cares for them dearly. Ron was raised to cherish his family and that he does. He doesn’t exactly “play nice” from time-to-time, but his protectiveness towards them never wavers. When Percy writes him a letter telling him that if he wanted to make something of himself he would have to turn his back on his family and Harry, Ron grew angry and rid himself of said letter.

That act showed how deeply Ron’s loyalties lie to his family and friends. Ron is very much like his patronus the Jack Russel terrier, in more aspects than one, but especially where his loyalty lies. In the past it could take seconds for Ron to consider a person a friend—as seen with Harry—but that’s changed now somewhat. The war’s taken its toll on him and he’s not nearly as open as he was when he was an eleven-year-old boy. But it is, however, needless to say that once you break into his shell you have gained an infallible loyalty. Even when Ron was angry and jealous with Harry, he still stood by him…Just, it takes a closer look to see. A perfect example of this being when Snape refused to help Hermione in Goblet of Fire and both he and Harry yelled at him for it (despite not talking for weeks).

Yet, as infallible as his loyalty is, Ron really isn’t the most amicable of beings. We must take into account the fact that before arriving at Hogwarts he was surrounded by family in the countryside. There was little to do beyond being around them and sometimes tagging along to the village with his mother. When he first meets Harry it’s the first child he’s probably really met that is his own age and not in his family. He was able to talk freely to him and they became instantaneous friends, as Ron later seemed to with his own dormmates. But, we must keep in mind, there’s no hinting he makes friends with people in any of the other houses, or even the girls for that matter. Whatever the reason was that didn’t get him to socialize outside of his dormmates would only be furthered in the years to come as the war set forth and made it harder to trust people.

Perhaps contradictory is the fact Ron wants to be noticed for himself. As the sixth of seven and his brothers already passing some of the greatest feats, Ron had a lot to live up to. This was only furthered and instilled when he befriended Hermione and Harry, mostly to the latter case. Being surrounded by people who are brilliant has shunted Ron into the corner. It’s why, when things happen that get people to talk to him, he’ll go on about it for hours and change up the story—because, for once, all eyes on him. Ironically enough, Ron can’t handle the spotlight if people are actually watching him and he has to do something. He clams up and becomes far too nervous to think straight. It’s with this it’s near positive to say that—what Ron wants isn’t exactly to be famous, but to be noticed and cheered on. Sure, winning and people saying his name are great and he’d take it, but that’s not really what he wants. It’s why his relationship with Lavender is so pivotal in that sense: she noticed and wanted him when he thought no one else did. So, of course, as with any teenage male he was going to take it.

Ron’s whole fear of not being noticed falls hand-in-hand with his inferiority complex. He truly doesn’t think he’s good enough for Hermione, or to be friends with Harry, and even to get more of his mother’s love. It’s a thing he’s constantly struggling with and doesn’t know how to handle. He thinks people will be better off and happier without him and, even though Harry has told him otherwise, it’s always going to be a haunting presence for him. Although, it is important to note, he is gaining a notion of self-worth. It’s not as great as it could possibly be, but it’s getting there.

Surprisingly, Ron is a rather honest thing. He hides his emotions and doesn’t try to let people worry about him, but when it comes to his thoughts that he thinks are acceptable to share he’ll do it, with no questions asked. And, if pushed enough, those thoughts he doesn’t care to share will also come out to the truth. He lays everything out on the table without even really realizing it sometimes, especially when he’s speaking from the heart. It’s this certain level of bluntness mixed with the factors that make him very much Ron. However, there are certain things he isn’t quite honest with himself about which we’ll get to next.

For what it’s worth, despite his honesty, Ron has a firm belief that if it’s got nothing to do with someone they’ve no need knowing. That is to say, if it’s not his business to give he’s not giving it. Or even if it does involve him if it’s something that it’s really important, he’s not going to be easily talked into giving it. He may say things in a roundabout way like “we have to do this”, but otherwise he’s tightlipped. And, push him over the edge about it and he’ll glare, yell, and not talk to you for some time if it’s that bad.

Ron has trouble with deeper emotions and relationships. J.K. Rowling calls him “emotionally immature” and while he is growing more into himself as a person, it’s still significant to note. He’s constantly struggling with his anger, jealousy, and love. He doesn’t know how to deal with them as well as doesn’t understand them. Ron takes quite a long time to process that he likes Hermione as more than a friend and then mucks it up then (he’s quoted saying if he’d had the book the twins gave him earlier, he’d know how to break up with Lavender and get going with Hermione). Although, we must give him credit, as the boy is finally catching up to speed—what took him a few years to realize only took a few months later. But it still doesn’t stop the fact he has these troubles and for that he has issues dealing with deeper relationships. That isn't to say he's emotionless or doesn't know his emotions, it's quite the opposite, actually: he feels a lot he just doesn't know how to deal with.

However, it is not without trying. Ron is lazy and doesn’t want to do more than he has to, but once he has his heart and mind set on something he’s a determined little git. We see this especially during his chess matches where he determinedly perseveres, but we also see it again in Order of the Phoenix. He decides he wants to be on the Quidditch team and spends hours for weeks practicing to get on—no matter the weather. And then, even later, he constantly tries to gain Hermione’s attention and realize he’s right there and wants to be with her. It’s such an odd quality in him because in most other things he gives up easily or thinks he will fail—but when he’s set on it, he’s set.

He is not, however, without his faults. The boy is littered with them more than one would think, but in some ways you do have to look deeper into him. For example: is his anger justified? In the above sections we’ve gone over briefly his insecurities, jealousy, and loyalty and these are important to note when thinking about this. Many people rebuff that Ron is an angry and jealous bloke, but that’s not altogether true. He is jealous a fair bit of the time, this much is true, but the anger is something that needs to be scrutinized more. Anytime we see Ron angry is during one of the above mentioned times: when he’s insecure, jealous, or being protective. Even the fight that had him leave in Deathly Hallows was induced by a protectiveness to the idea his family was hurt and a jealous insecurity that Harry and Hermione were snogging behind his back.

Ron’s development progresses greatly during the months of June-July (HBP-DH) that it really needs to be explored. As stated before Rowling said Ron had to earn Hermione, and during these last few months there’s been such a pivotal change in the boy. He’s not perfect, far from, but you see him taking his role in her life far more seriously than he did before. Before even Harry’s able to fully realize Hermione’s in tears, Ron’s up, holding her, and saying exactly what needed to be said to calm her down. This is important for Ron, because before he didn’t have a clue on how to behave in situations as such—but there he is, for the next several chapters, keeping her all right. Ironically, it’s also during these chapters that we find he’s learned tact (at least when it comes to Hermione). When Harry had said something that got Hermione going, Ron had shot him a warning look as if to say “really, how thick can you get?” And this is incredibly important to him, seeing as this was the boy who before didn’t think at all before he spoke.

It's also during this time he becomes more firm in his role, but beyond comforting Hermione it does't play much of a role until mid Deathly Hallows. Ron fully understands the war and what happens in it, in some ways more-so the the other two. When he walks out in Deathly Hallows he instantly regrets it and tries desperately to return to them and, during that time, wound up gaining some methods of information for them when he did return. And what happened during his return? Well, Harry became fixated on the Deathly Hallows and so it was Ron who stepped up and took charge. He continuously tried to think up new places and ways to think and, furthermore, tried to keep their spirits up even when all seemed like it was lost. This would continue for the rest of the series.

Ron and pressure… is a very hard thing to fully go on by book seven. It’s noted that in Deathly Hallows, he was the one keeping Hermione straight and reminding her of the plans when breaking into the Ministry. Later on he seems to be able to fight and go into things with little worry, which isn't that much different the the eleven-year-old in philosopher's stone.. But that isn’t to say he doesn’t worry—because he does, and I think it’s most prudently put this way: Ron is good under pressure in a serious situation until it’s down to him to keep it going. For example: during the break-in at the Ministry Ron was the one remembering the plan, being calm, and even joking until he was confronted as Reg Catttermole. It’s only then we see the panicking boy, and it later diminished when he was no longer having to deal with having to pretend to be the guy (it did return upon the sight of Mary, but under the circumstances he didn’t panic, either).

Ron is an odd mixture of stick-in the-mud and humorous. While he can easily get people laughing when he tries to, it’s also important to point out his overall demeanor sometimes makes him easy to feel “put-out” (which in turn makes him difficult to deal with by other people). Overall, however, he’s the humor in the trio. He’s the one that knows how to keep them laughing and keep spirits up. Between all of them, he’s probably the most optimistic when things are down because he is trying to keep spirits up and wants to think things aren’t completely failing. This is seen when he persisted to believe that Made Eye wasn’t dead and tried to reason how he couldn’t have and later when on their search he kept encouraging Harry on things after his return.

It’s also important to note that Ron can be a leader. No, he doesn’t really seek out being a leader, but when he needs to he steps forward and takes forward… And, honestly, while he’s not exactly charismatic he’s good at it. He’s able to keep the group moving, come up with new ideas, and even try to keep their spirits up. Ron was never the best at his leadership position as a prefect, never taking it seriously, but he must have to some degree or he wouldn’t have kept the title. As it were, there’s no denying that over time he grew into being a capable one when the need arose.

What many people don't seem to realize about Ron is that he comes from an old-fashioned mindset. With the lack of technological advances that the Muggle World had, certain things Ron is oblivious to. The poor kid blushes and sputters when seeing his sister snogging of all things. While it can be said it's because that was his kid sister there's more to it than that. Ron was raised almost purely around family and didn't likely get the chance to often go to the village behind the orchard. Growing up it was mostly him, Ginny, Fred and George until they went off to school. Growing up in seclusion and with a strict mother who demands they go by certain mannerisms, it's needless to say Ron doesn't have the progressive mind those from the Muggle world might have. He starts leaning, however, as over the years more slang and the sort bleed into his vocabulary (for example, his favorite line “bloody hell”, takes him three years to say regularly). With this in mind, it's a bit more understandable when it comes to Ron's viewpoints on certain things—especially relationships—especially when adding in his emotional stunting.

Despite popular belief, Ron isn't, for lack of a better word, dumb. Canonically he earns passing O.W.L. scores of E (the second highest score) and only failed the two courses he didn't care about anyway. Ron just isn't motivated—he doesn't see a point in all the homework they're given, doesn't think reading the subject for fun is needed and is generally lazy. We must also remember that he eventually becomes an Auror, which is one of the hardest occupations to get into. He was always planning to be an Auror, something he mentioned interest in even before Harry back in Goblet of Fire, so he's always known the requirements. It's just this: if Ron doesn't feel he'll get anything from it he won't put his all into it. He puts in what he feels is needed to pass and stops there. All that extra work could be spent on something he finds more interesting or necessary, such as Quidditch, chess, or eating.

Within the group, as you saw above, Rowling states Ron is the glue that keeps them together. He’s not the smartest or most skilled, but he’s the one with the most heart. When Hermione and Harry go off in their tangents, Ron’s the one that bucks up and keeps them grounded. He’s often the sensibility of the group without even meaning to be. As seen in Deathly Hallows when Harry begins thinking about Hallows, Ron is the one that can keep them moving when things get rough. He’s the chess master, the one that understands that some things need to be done rather they like it or not. Even though he’s often grumpy, it’s shown that his anger isn’t… quite as rash as Harry’s who lashes out without prompted reason. For Ron it’s always something building up or a protective nature. The trio have always defended each other, but when it comes down to it Ron’s the first one to be protective and will be the first to try and sacrifice himself for the others. As shown in third year when, on a broken leg no less, he stands and tries to protect Harry saying Sirius would have to kill them first, or during Deathly Hallows when he tells Bellatrix to take him instead of Hermione.

Ultimately, Ron is a boy and a typical one at that, except... Except, because of the war he's been forced to grow up too fast. He is ultimately still the same boy we saw from day one near the end of Deathly Hallows, but the war has added subtle changes to him that are beginning to flourish. He's become more serious and understanding, trying to do his best to do what is right. He's beginning to see relationships and feelings for what they are and it shows—especially when throughout year seven he comforts Hermione to the best of his ability. When Fred died he had to swallow what grief he had and help his family out and, in doing so, he grows to be more of a man. Ron's still got a long way to go, but these subtle changes are appearing and showing themselves in the most outstanding ways. Yet, at the end of the day, he is still very much Ron—the awkward boy who fought beside his best friend from day one.


Perhaps the easiest relationship to touch on is the one between that of Ron and Hermione as, in many interviews; Rowling has expanded on the depth of their relationship to great extents. At first Ron couldn’t stand her thinking her a haughty know-it-all who was a “nightmare”. In return, Hermione seemed to have a snotty, sniping attitude towards him. Of course, this changed when Ron and Harry accidentally lock her in a bathroom with a fully grown mountain troll and the three are forced to fight it. Since then, the two of them have constantly bickered and sometimes it can hardly be told why they’re friends.

But there are more important aspects of their relationship: Ron seems to believe he has a certain responsibility over her since they became friends. As aforementioned, Ron is under the mindset that he can say whatever he wants about his friends, but if someone else dares he sees fit to attack. This is seen especially in light of Hermione who, in year two, he defended with a broken wand and during Deathly Hallows tried to refuse letting her near anywhere dangerous, saying if any of them did anything as such it would be him. Ron has a constant nature of putting himself between Hermione and whatever may come their way, rather it be insults or attacks and, in a way, it could be said this is because of how his mother raised him… Yet, anyone who’s read the books know better.

Hermione is the one person who can truly make Ron emotional. Let me better say this, Ron is capable of trying to keep his real emotions back and grumbling about things for ages for almost everything else but Hermione. He’s seen arguing, protecting, jealous, and worrying more openly than he has with any of the other characters, in a way it’s because she’s the emotional balance between them.

"Ron and Hermione, however, are drawn to each other because they balance each other
out. Hermione's got the sensitivity and maturity that's been left out of Ron, and
Ron loosens up Hermione a bit, gets her to have some fun. They love each other and
they bicker a bit, but they enjoy bickering, so we shouldn't worry about it."

The above is how Rowling explains the two of theirs relationship—where Ron fails to see the picture because of his anger, jealousy, and generally sulking, Hermione is the one that puts it straight. Even when they’re rowing she’s able to put him in perspective. Consequently, Ron truly listens to Hermione. In Deathly Hallows he’s seen openly taking care of her and pulling her to him when she was crying, showing a level of maturity that he hadn’t yet. He even shows a sense of logic that Hermione didn’t realize he has, even repeating her own words to her.

Where Hermione lacks, Ron takes up. He’s the one between the two boys that can get her to stop panicking, calm down and even laugh. Even if it’s sometimes unwittingly that he does so. While Hermione is reason and logic, Ron is often the sensibility. This was deeply portrayed in year four when she started her campaigning for S.P.E.W. and he told her it’d be impossible to change things and free the house-elves and tried his darnedest to get her to eat. He often grumbles about her behavior in not sleeping and eating during these times and shows a concern for her he doesn’t quite anyone else… Well, when they’re not in one of their epic rows that is. However, it should be noted that even in their rows he can put it aside without another word if needed as seen in Prisoner of Azkaban.

One of the most important aspects of their relationship built up through the course of the seven novels and became known in Deathly Hallows: their affection for each other. When Ron leaves during their hunt for horcruxes it’s not Harry or their mission that brings him back to them: it’s Hermione. We see an increased tension in their relationship during the horcrux hunt and learn that the girl Ron loves is Hermione (as said by Riddle via the locket). Which sort of makes all their bickering fall into place—for as loyal as Ron was to Harry it was Hermione that really brought him back. He just never has the courage to say or do anything about it the entirety of the novel until she kisses him. The idea of her liking or kissing anyone else, Harry via the locket, is a subject of great grief and jealousy for him. The idea she kissed Krum, after all, was exactly why he started dating Lavender in Half-Blood Prince.

Harry was Ron’s first friend outside of his own family members and, from day one, he showed a certain loyalty to him. The two were instantaneous friends and for the both of them it was because they seemed able to readily accept them for who the other was. Ron didn’t mind Harry was from a muggle home or that his clothes were hardly his own size. And Harry didn’t mind that Ron was from a large family, second-hand everything and poor. They had found a friend in the other that would continue for the next seven years into their later life.

While Ron and Harry hardly had as much trouble getting along as Ron did with Hermione, they had their spats and it could be said they were worse than his with Hermione. For, while he and Hermione got into tiffs where they wouldn’t speak to each other for days—the worst being in year six—when Ron and Harry fight there’s a break in the friendship. The first initial one in year four, Hermione ended up staying more by Harry although she realized the reasoning behind it, but the later locket-induced fight in Deathly Hallows had Ron completely abandon them. Which, in truth, had never happened in any of the trios spats before.

Ron may not be there, but he’s never abandoned Harry. Not once. Sound absurd? Yes, of course, but not being in sight or speaking doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned in a complete sense. In year four when he had left Harry there were nasty jokes and bets going around, and although he was angry and thought Harry had lied to him, it’s noted Ron never participates in it. He stands in the corner looking on like nothing’s happened, but shows no sign of taking any enjoyment from it, even helping him yell at Snape when Hermione was cursed. This was even shown in Deathly Hallows for, while he had the chance to go home and not return, he still looked for Harry and Hermione. Even if the implied leading cause was the latter.

From day one, Ron has shown an infallible loyalty to Harry. He fights with him in every battle with little question and defends him even when the times go for the worst. Most importantly, he’s willing to sacrifice everything for his friend. Ron first shows this in year one when he says that in order for Harry to go on *he* must be taken and that, sometimes, some sacrifices must be done. Furthermore, in year six and seven, Ron and Hermione are both fully aware that during the Horcrux hunt there was a possibility of one, if not all, of them dying. Yet, both of them proceeded, putting their families at risk despite their attempts to protect them. We can also never forget that it was for Harry that Ron faced his greatest fears for in facing the spiders in the forest.

It’s known that Ron is jealous of his older brothers and feels easily overshadowed, but after befriending Harry this only intensifies. Ron is jealous that Hermione and his mother love and choose Harry over him, and this plays quite the roll considering it’s the very reason he leaves in Deathly Hallows. Ron’s anger and jealousy cause rifts in their relationship that almost break the trio as a whole, as mentioned before, but both of these known times were because of Ron’s outstanding insecurities. He considers himself as “Harry Potter’s stupid best friend,” and while often times it’s a thing of honor for him—there’s always a deep-rooted insecurity. After his defeating of the horcrux and Harry telling him the opposite, this seems to have diminished, but it’s such a core part of Ron that it will never fully leave him.

- ★ COURT ALLIANCE: Seelie. While I could argue Unseelie fairly easily, the better fit for Ron is Seelie. This is largely because, despite everything, he has a fairly set code of morals convictions. Some are good and others bad, yes (like Rowling straight out saying the Weasleys were meant to be racist towards muggles but still be good people). More-so, unlike Harry, Ron won't believe the worst of someone just because he dislikes them. This is seen in the HalfBlood Prince when Harry insisted Malfoy was doing evil things and thus stalked him for half the year. Ron sided with Hermione here in that Harry was just being rude and invasive and did't have any part in it. Of course, the two were wrong, but it does give a fair hint to how he feels about that kind of thing.

Furthermore, Ron was also the first between him and Harry to bring up being an Auror as a possible career choice. Ron inadvertently says that being an auror would be a good thing and Harry agrees. Ron has always felt strongly about his beliefs and will fight for them, and so the concept of being an Auror would be a draw for him. He does eventually give it up to help George in the store, but only after most Death Eaters had been locked up. These statements are both important because it shows that, while Ron wants to punish Death Eaters for what they've done, that the most important thing in the world to him still remains his family.

These actions and thoughts are the reason I think Seelie fits him best. Yes, he broke quite a few rules in his time and willingly followed Harry-- but so did Hermione. He never broke rules because it would be fun, unlike his twin brothers, but because it was necessary. He fully understands some thigs may need to be done that you don't like if you wish to help people and, so, he acts.

- ★ ABILITIES: Ron is a wizard! He's also a wizard coming in with a few months of Auror training, which means he's got a fair bit more in his arsenal the he did towards the end of Deathly Hallows. Mostly, this comes in the form of spells and transformation potions, but I will go over everything bit-by-bit in the next section:

Teleportation-- Wizards and witches in Harry Potter can teleport by way of a thing called apparation. It's actually fairly difficult and dangerous to learn. Ron's not the best at it, but he is capable and licensed to do it. Essentially, you have to be calm of mind and be able to focus exactly on where you want to go when you use it. So, for example, if he's been in a specific part of the woods he can apparate there. However, if he's trying to get to Caer Scima-- where he's never been-- it would either not work or he'd likely lose a limb. Apparation is also difficult long range and would need several stops in that kind of manner, so it's not the best choice of transportation depending on the circumstances.

Potions-- Ron has six years and some auror training in Potions. He received an "Exceeds Expectations" in his O.W.L. exam for the course and so despite griping he's fairly decent at it. There's all types of potions he can perform from sleeping droughts to drought of the living death. Furthermore, he can even make potions like the polyjuice potion to change appearance (although that takes too long and is gross, so he'd rather just use a spell).

Spellcasting-- Like his examinations in above, Ron also had to receive an "Exceeds Expectations" in both Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration as well or the teachers never would have let him move on to it. They all sound exactly like you think they would except Charms is a bit broader in that it can cast things like summoning charms to charms that will cheer someone up. Charms is more like the "general spellcasting" ability as it can cover day-to-day uses as well as things not necessarily needed.

Ron is best at Defense Against the Dark Arts, but he can be see struggling with some more complex spells such as personal transformation spells and non-verbal ones. He can manage them, it just sometimes might take a few tries.

Outside of these things, Ron's actually decent at the two most prominent wizarding sports: chess and quidditch. In chess Ron is actually the best chess player Hogwarts has seen in a very long time-- if this means since McGonagall's time or before is never addressed, but he is an impressive chess player. Ron would be much better at Quidditch if a few hundred people weren't watching his every move. He's actually a more then decent flier and is known to be able to stop every goal when in full form-- but, unfortunately, full form is difficult for him because he gets incredibly nervous.

Aside from these, he's got decent knowledge in Astronomy, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures. He can also make up really stupid stuff for Divination, but that's not really a special ability.

- ★ INVENTORY: As he's coming after the war, there's not too much he'd have on him in ways of objects. He'd have the clothes on his back, his wand, as well as the deluminator Dumbledore gave him. Aside from that, he'd have started carrying a second wand on him as he thought it was a good idea (and it was). Unfortunately, beyond these basic items, he wouldn't have brought much else.

[Ron doesn't particularly like using networks. There was something wrong with the whole thing. Convenient, sure, but he was still half sure some weird magic was going to get them sucked in-- Or maybe it was just funny to think like that at this point. Muggles didn't seem to get stuck in televisions's after all, but...

Well, it was still a bit strange and he was never sure he got it on right. Like now.]


Er, is this thing on?

[There's a noise like he softly hits the locket to find out, but at least it's not nearly as loud as it used to be. Yes, banging a locket on the table doesn't work he's since found out.]

Suppose if it doesn't I'll just have to redo it. [That doesn't sound too pleasant, though, either.] We--Well, I was thinking-- and hear me out here-- but couldn't we all use something other then this war and castle business? All I ever hear about is people talking about it and s'important, sure, but we've got to have loads more to do around here.

Like Quidditch. The lot of you could really do to learn about Quidditch. It's shameful so many people calling themselves wizards don't know Quidditch. Or a joke shop. I--My brothers have-- had-- one but I'm not too good at it myself. Someone has to be, though.

Just seems like some folk around here could use with a bit of cheering. Least those to have more the enough reason to make someone have a decent time.

[A pause and he nods his head. He's not quite sure he got out exactly what he wanted to, but hopefully he did. And he's not going to linger before clicking off. Public speeches of any variety aren't his forte.]

I'm going to provide two, just in case.
The first one is OU in Asgard. I'm providing a second example just because it's at about the year mark:
The second is an AU pjo!demigod thing I did with a friend. He's still mostly the same, just with the added complexity of being from PJO-verse, so it should at least have his actions alike if not the thought process behind it slightly different:
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You feel like you're falling, falling, falling. Your vision swims in darkness, glints of color here and there. If you can focus on it perhaps you can tell what's falling with you: gems of all types, gold, and silver... But maybe before you can recognize anything at all the darkness engulfs you completely. It feels like you're suffocating. Could this be the end?

Just as quickly as it appeared the feeling ends abruptly and your surroundings change.

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- ★ CANON INFORMATION: (anime episode summaries) (wikia page that is lacking) (this a brief summary of the manga, unfortunately it is untranslated. i've written up summaries for each and have included some scans and am more then willing to provide more if needed)

Before we go into Kanata's actual history, I'd like to make a note of the fact that all manga versions of AKB0048 came out before the anime did. Kanata has her own manga which is called "AKB0048 Heart Type Operation". This is set about a year or two before the anime as Kanata couldn't have joined 0048 before she turned thirteen. The importance of missing this however is that, unfortunately, the anime decided to contradict quite a bit of the manga. This was largely done through them messing up the timelines. In Kanata's case it's not a huge deal, aside from  few minor kinks, but there's also the matter of canon powers. There's one power she's seen with in the manga that doesn't appear in the anime, but I will explain that in the abilities section! 

Pre Series
Not a lot is known about Kanata before the series, however, what we do know are things that guide her through the rest of her life. When she was younger the most important person to her was her father. He was a soldier who fought against DES and he always encouraged Kanata and her younger sister, Sonata, to follow their dreams. It's thanks to him that Kanata sang as she wanted to bring smiles to everyone's faces.

When she was eleven, Kanata's father took them to an AKB0048 concert (it looks to be the 0048 stage in Akihabastar). DES appears at the concert and it's inevitably canceled as the attendees all go into hiding. Kanata, Sonata and their father are waiting for DES to pass when Sonata asks if it will be alright. Their father's response was simply that AKB0048 would definitely come for them...

Unfortunately, right after this, DES finds them. Their father tells them to run and picks up a pipe to fight off the soldiers... Of course when the soldiers are armed in futuristic armor and with guns that's not going to go over very well. Kanata knows this, too, and wants to stay behind with him but ends up giving in. When she hears the clank of the pipe on the ground she hopes that he had decided to join him and/or won but that wasn't the case.

On his deathbed their father told Kanata and Sonata to follow their dreams. 

Kanata doesn't care. They're surrounded by DES and there's no way she can get her or Sonata out of this. In this moment, the young girl gives up on everything and wishes Sonata wasn't there with her for it. And then, suddenly, the sounds of the song "Beginner!" fill the air. It's a surprise to Kanata but not to Sonata who joyfully exclaims that 0048 really did come for them!

This is when Kanata decides her dream. As she watches AKB0048 fight DES and sing her dreams becomes to be just like them.

Fast forward a few years later and the girls' mother is unable to make ends meet. Kanata is now thirteen and has decided officially to join AKB0048. She doesn't do it secretly, however, and Sonata doesn't understand why. She tries to force Kanata to stay, but Kanata won't. She says that after the events of two years ago she's going to join AKB0048. That, in order to fulfill her dreams and their father's, she's going to become an idol.

When Sonata exclaims that she too will come along, Kanata Runs.

Heart Type Operation
I want to meet you, only you!
(TIME LINE NOTE:After Kanata leaves home the timeline becomes a bit skewered. We know she passed as a seventy-fifth generation member, which means she's been a member for two years (and thus definitely joined up when she was thirteen). We also know that the seventy-fifth generation quickly lost all of its members through various means and it was only Mimori and Kanata that still remained. What becomes iffy now is one thing: When Heart Gata takes place. The Japanese summary calls the manga "the time when Kanata reached her captain potential," in a way this could be a reference to her succession of Takamina. If we go from that and use the anime references of her being chosen for "a while" or "not too long ago," we can say this happened about a year ago as the new Sae was also in the manga. So for that, I'm going to say that Heartgata took place a year before all the events in the anime!)

The manga starts off normally with Kanata and the other AKB0048 trainees behind the stage. Mimori and Kanata had performed the opening act of the show and are tired out when, surprise, Kanata is called into a meeting with Tsubasa. Both uncertain and surprise, Kanata answers the summons only to become even more so. Several of the successor are also in this meeting: Kojiharu, Yuko, and Acchan. It turns out that Tsubasa has called them all together to perform in a mission together! This mission? There's a famous thief named Elixir targeting priceless items. Her next hit is a school that hosts a couple of the original outfits from AKB48's "". Kanata has been assigned to go with them as she, too, was trained in the art of combat and a member of 00. Tsubasa even gives her a micsaber (it reads like it could have been Tsubasa's previously).

Thus, the girls are shipped off to the school where they're greeted by the school headmistress. They get the run down of the school and she then brings in three more students: two girls named Juno and Lisa as well as a boy named Abel. The girls enter first and Kanata thinks of them both as "cute" as well as complimentary to each other. Abel, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game. She becomes flustered by him and he's fairly, well, attractive. This is something noted by both Yuuko and Kojiharu who take to teasing her and Acchan about him. 

They leave the office ad go their separate ways and this is when things really get heated. Juno decides to mention how they really can't be true idols and this ticks Kanata off. She goes to refute which just... makes Juno more smug about her opinion. Acchan was the only other idol present and steps in saying she will handle this. Juno seems satisfied but Kanata on the other hand demands to know why Acchan stepped in. Acchan's response is simple: responding in anger isn't how a idol should act. In that respect, Juno was right, and Kanata was wrong. How could she call herself an idol if she couldn't respond the right way-- the way AKB48 would?

They go to class with Kanata's thoughts stuck on Acchan's words. When the teacher calls for her attention,Juno decides to comment on how despite being an idol Kanata could't possibly sing to their standards. Aggravated, Kanata responds brusquely before ending with "I will sing!" And then with the full radiance of a proper idol she stands in front of the class singing "Aitakatta", much to everyone's surprise. In particular, Acchan was the most surprised when she noticed that Kanata was surrounded by Kirara. Kanata returned to her seat wondering herself if this was her full singing potential, if that was really her up there.

And then when Juno decides to try and belittle her again after class Kanata merely smiles and passes over it. 

Unfortunately, Juno's goading had really hit home and Kanata had ran out after that. She ran into Abel, but didn't stop and instead ran to the roof of the school. There she pulled out her locket transmitter and apologized to her family for not being a proper idol. She remembers the moment she left home and is only brought out of it by Abel who brought her a drink. They talk for a while and it ends with Kanata crying after he says it was alright to not be happy all the time.

Eventually they separate and she meets up with the other idols again where the headmistress is showing them where the original costumes where... Uh, and then the wall of the room immediately blows up. Okay. Basically everyone is stuck under the debris and, despite that Acchan helps Abel out from under a piece of the wall and Kanata Yuno. Oh, yeah, and Kanata is doing this with glass shards stuck all up in her ankle. She tries to figure out what to do with the magical weapons Tsubasa gave her when Acchan stops her. Of course, Kojiharu and Yuuko appear and they proceed to be magical girls that fix things through the power of song.

Once all the excitement passes, Kanata passes out. She wakes up in an unfamiliar bedroom with Juno waiting for her to wake up. Juno explains what happened and then more-or-less apologizes. Things turn out fine here and Acchan enters. The two begin to bound and Acchan even says how she once felt the same as Kanata did but her friends helped her through it. Kanata is revitalized by this and tries to go "well now I can do things again!" only to, you know, fall flat on her face because she's still injured. The chapter enters with a very confused Abel entering and Elixir being a creeper on top of the school building...

I want to you by the pool!
This chapter starts by girls being possessed by a person singing in French?!

Meanwhile, the idols of AKB0048 are getting ready for a gravure photoshoot by the pool much to Kanata's dismay. The students are spreading terrible rumors about what happens during/because of shoots which only makes her dismay worse while the other idols are just kind of like... okay! Yuko on the other hand seems to try and help in her own way and tackles Kanata into the pool! She even tries to make funny faces. Unfortunately, this doesn't go as planned between nearly drowning Kanata...

...And accidentally making her lose the top of her bathing suit. Despite being called the pervert of AKB, Yuko doesn't actually realize that's what happened. Unfortunately, it basically happened in front of everyone. Including Abel who, thankfully, at least draped her jacket on her. Yuko apologizes but seems light-hearted about it so Kanata yells at her. It was much to both of their surprise, but Yuko is called away by the cameraman and leaves in her usual playful state.

So she runs away into the changing room where she begins to hear an unfamiliar song in French. She peeks into the room to find a girl she'd met earlier when they were going to look at the costumers. The girl is actually possessed and, in turn, possesses Kanata via some form of dark Kirara. It's also during this time that the photoshoot wraps and Yuko goes in search of Kanata. It's too late, however, as the girl that was earlier possessed/a dark kirara has control over Kanata's heart and drags her to the pool where she proceeds to sing "Heavy Rotation" which is so intense/full of pain it  knocks people out. When the AKBs don't seem to fall for it, the girlmanages to get Kanata more in a state and it's such a one that  more dark Kirara are created and turn into giant tentacles that, well, you can guess from there.

Yuko, meanwhile, is looking all over the campus for Kanata. She runs into Abel who tells her about what's going on in the pool. Entering the next class room together, Yuko demands information from a hesitant class. Eventually a girl responds saying recently a pendant has appeared that produces kirara for the students. Upon further investigation, Yuko decides that kiraras don't glow that way... And rushes out to the pool once more.

Once there, Kojiharu and Acchan are still being strangled by tentacles... Recomposing herself, Yuko begins to sing Heavy Rotation herself and then shoots Kanata in the chest with a kirara light arrow. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work immediately and she still appears to be possessed. It's not until Yuko collapses on her knees and screams "Let's sing together!" that a reaction happens. Kanata re-emerges as herself full force and tackles the other girl into the pool while singing Heavy Rotation properly.

The dark kirara that was possessing the other girl disappears and they day is (momentarily) saved.

Ponytail and witch!
The third chapter opens with a group of students gathered discussing AKB0048. Specifically, they believe 0048 to be witches and have decided to act upon that to "beat a judgement into them". Aside from this, the chapter has very little to do with plot device and acts more as a tie in for between the first and second arcs. The members of AKB0048 present the dark pendants to the Headmistress, discuss it, and move on. When they leave they're met with a girl selling history books on AKB0048. Kanata fells weird about it and wants to check it out, but Acchan drags her away.

A little while later, she's out on her own and comes upon a couple of girls ripping up pictures of Yuuko. Further investigation leads her into one of the gym changing rooms where a group of kids have beat Acchan up in guise of playing a brutal game of dodgeball. Acchan tells her to run away, but between leaving her and what the other girls are saying Kanata goes in to try to save her... Luckily, Kojiharu pulls her away from doing something remarkable stupid and they run away. Unfortunately, the kids have both Yuko and Acchan in their possession. The girl that was selling the AKB0048 history books then turns to some terrified girls and officializes Kanata's (and the reader's suspecions) by holding out one of the books and saying, "I'm sure if you read this you too will no longer be afraid”.

Abel finds Kojiharu and Kanata and together they hide in a small clubroom. Abel then begins to explain the effect that the books have been having on the students. They're not just being aggressive to AKB0048, but even to each other. They discuss things further and Kanata is the one shown to be most afraid while Abel and Kojiharu bond through agreeing with each other and small plans. Unfortunately, though, it's not long before an announcement comes over the intercom that the students can find Acchan and Yuko in the school courtyard.

The group looks out the window to find that, indeed, their friends are tied up-- in crucification position at that-- with a horde of students surrounding them. Kanata begins to remember everything the two had done for her and wonders if she can even save them. Luckily, Kojiharu is much more used to these situations and confident and doesn't give up. So while the students begin pelting the other two with water balloons and anything else on hand the girls create really stupid masks and...

Jump out the window singing "Ponytail to shushu" and effectively breaking the control the book has on most of the students. They then immediately free Acchan and Yuko. Abel appears saying they have to do something about the books, which they kind of already were, because with their combined force they sing all the students out of the  control and the darkness burns up in the books. Acchan picks up a book has the words 1208-7 still written on its pages and they decide to go and check it out.

Oh! On board the flying get 
The fourth chapter begins with the AKB0048 members and Abel inside the library trying to find where 1208-7 came from. They haven't had any luck finding the book that corresponds, but it seems Yuko has found where it's supposed to be! Almost immediately after, a girl appears asking if this is the book they're looking for. The girl is nonother then fellow AKB0048 member, Tomomoi Itano "Tomochin"!  She jokes about how they'd have to take it by force... Unfortunately for her, Acchan decides to pull out her saber which just has Tomochin pull out her own weapons (earrings that turn into guns).

After a bit of silliness, Tomochin hands over a book entitled "Don Quijote de la Mancha". It turns out the lyrics that are in are the same ones that was possessing some of the students-- and Kanata-- earlier! They discuss how it's difficult to decipher and that only the headmistress would know the meaning. Itano states that they should go check out her office and drags Kanata there. Together they end up finding a box that holds the pendants from earlier in it.

Kanata picks one up before Tomochin can warn her not too... And the music from before starts playing. Back in the library, the others are attacked by dark kirara and are able to fend them off, but unfortunately the headmistress appears in her office! She reveals that she is indeed Elixir and has been behind all of the attacks. She then proceeds to attack both of the girls. Kanata is too stricken to act, but Tomochin manages to fend off a lot of Elixir's attacks while singing "Flying Get!"

Unfortunately, despite that, Elixir still manages to capture Kanata in a web of darkness and begins to poison/possess her once more... 

Kanata manages to fight it for a little while, but the other girl is also pinned down. She tries to force-feed Kanata a pill that would do so fully and when she's satisfied she thinks she has, she turns to the Tomochin once more. Kanata, however, manages to spit it out but is still under the woman's control enough that she has to break out of it. She remembers her feelings of not wanting to be an idol and being afraid.. But then, this is also when she remembers her father's encouragement to follow her dreams and his subsequent death. 

Remembering her will to follow her dreams, Kanata breaks free of her possession.  She finally uses the micsaber Tsubasa gave her and is surrounded by a dozen kirara when she begins singing "Beginner!" Elixir is unable to fend off her attack and the one moment it looks like she might beat Kanata is when Tomochin has freed herself and joins Kanata in fighting her off! Elixir tries for one last attack that neither girl see until last moment, but luckily Abel and the others have appeared to help! Abel pushes Kanata out of the way and the others finish up the song. Acchan and Tomochin keep Elixir guarded, but Kojiharu and Yuko step in and create a kirara powered cage to keep her locked up in.

It looks like the day is saved and they go to bury/get rid of the book that caused all the trouble under one of the trees when, oh, Juno appears in one of the original uniforms!

So now let's high-five!
Kanata is surprised to see her new friend in the uniform in a position as an enemy and immediately asks a disbelieving, 'why'? Acchan continues further, asking her what her purpose here is... And then Juno reveals that she's here to stop AKB0048 from getting AKBs uniforms in the name of DTGO/DES and it's further revealed that her father is its leader.

...This is obviously really bad news in the case of Kanata. She realizes this is a member of DES-- a member of the group that killed her beloved father. She sort of snaps, but she's able to hold off a bit remembering what Acchan had said earlier. Of course, Juno can't let it be and brings up how she learned that Kanata's father died by DES and how ironic it is that the parents field of battle has passed onto the children's (and implying that Kanata will die here, too). And that's when Kanata loses it. Kojiharu, however, holds her back saying it won't help. When Kanata continues to fight her, Yuko yells at her. She goes as far as to say that Kanata is one of their beloved companions and because of that she can't let her die. However, they could-- as in all of the friends present-- could fight Juno together.

The tender moment doesn't get to last long because Juno calls forth all of the students she recently possessed... Uh, they're all too in AKB uniforms but not only that they're made to look exactly like Acchan. She immediately has them attack and, unfortunately, there are much more of them and they are pretty powerful so 0048 is getting promptly beat. When it's just Acchan, Abel, and Kanata left standing Acchan asks Abel if when she signaled she'll take Kanata by the hand. He's in shock for a moment, but she proceeds to say that it would give her some relief and that she wants to believe in the. She then tells them to run and Abel pulls an unwilling Kanata away as Acchan is left fighting on her own.

The army of Acchan's begin looking for them and Abel keeps Kanata quiet until they pass. She is obviously not doing okay and wonders why it is that she's the only one that escaped and why he didn't allow her to fight with the others. Abel, in turn, says that Acchan wanted him to save her and he wants to believe in the hope she has for life. It's then that Kanata comes to a sort of revelation. Her father, the others, AKB0048, everyone has always been fighting for their future--their wonderland.

Juno doesn't let the tender moment last because she suddenly bursts through the wall. They talk for a few moments and at the end Juno admits that she's afraid, but then immediately calls in her Acchans. Being alone and weak, Abel and Kanata have difficult fighting them off. When it looks like Kanata might get struck through the heart, Abel steps in front of it. Kanata obviously doesn't take this well and mumbles about why he'd do that; Abel merely makes half-hearted jokes and tries, but fails, to say he likes her. Kanata is unable to move and this is when Juno takes her chance and finishes her...

As Kanata lay dying the kiraras of the others surround her and, feeling their emotions, each one of them heal her and Abel. Juno, thinking she's won is working on burning a tree, when suddenly several of her Acchans are attacked! She's stunned that Kanata, a mere research student, was able to do so much with the kiraras help. Kanata says that, because she's not really alone, it's absolutely possible and charges singing "Give me five!". It seems to becoming a one-on-one door, but there's one hitch in that some of the Acchans are still around! Luckily, this is the exact moment that the other AKBs appear and put them to sleep. 

Each of the other successors tell her that they're going to rely on her to finish this battle... And so she does. It even turns out that Tsubasa has the AKB uniforms and they're safely put away! It's even revealed the Abel is the current owner of the uniforms and he wishes to put an end to the entertainment ban himself. Oh, and he kisses Kanata on the forehead and says he'll be watching from afar. It was with these happy endings that the 0048 members went home and the crazy tale ended.
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[- OOC Information -]

Name: Kisa
Do you play any other characters in Outer Divide? No

[- Character Information -]

Character Name: Kanata Shinonome (River in Aather)
Fandom: AKB0048
OU, AU, or CR AU: CR AU/ Aather
Canon Point: Post Series (/After her Aather happy end)
Journal: truecaptain

Character History:

Previous Game History:
Kanata is coming from several months in the game of Aather. She wasn't there as long as most others namely because she arrived in Aather and very determinedly said she was going to win back her memories fast... And then did just that. She arrived as a Sterling knight, which is a very crucial part of her life in Aather. Usually people arrive as heroes in Aather, so they're placed on teams and win together. Knights are different. They can only win if they show up and only if their group wins, so for a knight it's a very difficult position to be in. Especially given that games sort of go teams first, knights last when they go bad.

She embraced being a knight very whole-heartedly! In the beginning she loved being a knight. The concept of being in a position where she can help all the teams equally was real to her. It helped, too, that in the beginning she had teams that were good about doing letting knights have a decision... towards the end she'd begin to feel separated from them, but we'll get into that a little more later.

There were several things that shaped Kanata the most in Aather: a trauma game where everyone died, a trauma game where she felt she was ignored, the revelation that she's supposed to be Takamina, and her heart game.

The first trauma game was the first interaction she had with personal death. In this game axes fell from the ceiling and everyone died with no chance of help. The goal of the game? Find a way to keep yourselves from suffering terribly when you revive. She did not obviously do well. Kanata turned around and broke down in this instance, but luckily she was with her fellow knights this game. They talked her out of it and told her if she wanted to protect everyone she'd have to fight it. And so she did. She accompanied the knights and sang/helped them fight through their journey. Somehow, miraculously, they came out alright. At the end Kanata shoved her feelings aside and helped a friend who's revival was much worse.

The second trauma game is where her confliction with the teams started coming into play. She played with a team called Citrine who before she didn't mind playing with. They were the first team she was paired with when she arrived, but this time was not okay. This game the teams were presented with an illusion of Camelot, the realm they were in, being on fire and they were presented with the option of going in and saving things. Kanata, hellbent on keeping everyone safe, insisted they stay there: it was an illusion after all. But Citrine opposed and wanted to save their teammates, which she couldn't really begrudge... Then the fun set-in in when everyone's emotions began being manipulated and they turned against each other. She tried again to say no this is obviously bad, but of course no one trusted each other... So it just got worse from there.

They came out alive, but their minds were completely messed up.

The fun thing about getting memories out of order and getting to think about them: a lot of different revelations come up. Canonly, when Takamina questions Kanata on if she would do anything to be a successor-- if it was just Takmina standing in her way-- Kanata does not get it. She doesn't get that Takamina just told her she's supposed to be the sixth Takamina and she's standing in her way, but in Aather it comes to fruition. This is in part because in an earlier game the character's "true selves" became corporal and because Kanata has the soul of Takamina the original appeared (as did Acchan for Nagisa which caused some canonmate trouble because Chieri does not have a successor soul and was present).

Selenia (Van from Tales of the Abyss) and Nagisa were the first to ask her if maybe what that all means is she's supposed to be Takamina. Kanata cannot accept this, because she knows what it means. At the same time it's really hard for her to deal with because her father's dying wish was for her to follow her dream. If it means taking down her hero her dream will never come true. And so she gives up hope. Takamina is her everything and taking away her dreams for Kanata's own is not something can do.

Cue Kanata's heart game. A heart game is exactly as it sounds: you run around in someone's heart and try to fix things (or inevitably screw them up). Selenia, Nagisa, Chieri, Corvus (Computer Jack from GONE, Thorn (Zero from Vampire Knight), and another Tales of character dive on in. There's several obstacles that they face: the death of her father, giving up on her dreams, her hatred towards des, and Takamina. There were other sections that could have faced, but they either didn't have the biggest impact or weren't explored (one of which was the axe room from her trauma game where her fear of not being able to protect people was represented).

Each obstacle was faced in interesting ways and changed Kanata's heart quite a bit! The alleyway her father died in was used twice: once where a tiny heart Kanata and her younger sister warned people to run away because DES was coming. The second because is where the characters met Takamina on the way to Kanata's "true heart", as Takamina and that alley shared the same significance in Kanata's life. The room of her dreams was an old practice room with forgotten costumes, broken mirrors, and torn music notes. Her hatred towards DES was shown in an attack concert where instead of singing a heart!Kanata attacked DES manned ships (a no-no for AKB0048 idols).

The changes made in each of these areas are as follows: When DES found them when the two young girls were alone, each person fought them and told the girls to run. The effect of this was that Kanata began to rely on others more and not fear DES as much. The practice room showed how she was beginning to hate music again and had given up, so as each person cleaned it returned that love. The fact that several of them sang in it has made her more empowered to sing all the time. Her attack concert... is probably the place that changed her most. The others talked her down and had her embrace the fact that even if she hates them she doesn't want to kill DES: Killing them does not bring her father back. At the same time, she revealed to Chieri that she's supposed to be Takamina and that's wrong, so maybe she wasn't a good captain. In the end, Chieri reinforces her love of being captain and desire to follow her dreams.

...Ultimately, that's what Selenia and Nagisa did as well when they met the Takamina who guarded Kanata's true heart. Takamina was the last thing standing in the way of Kanata's dream, so to reach where she wished to be they had to "fight" Takamina. What this turned into was two different things. Nagisa, being wellversed in idol world, said there had to be a way for both of them to follow their dreams. Selenia, on the other hand, insisted that Kanata could be an idol alongside Takamina saying that why couldn't there be two? Ultimately, it left conflicted feelings, but has made Kanata embrace the fact that she's not going to give up on her dreams. She will find a way to become a fullfledged member without kicking Takamina out.

After this, there were a few more games that came and went, but Kanata's time in Aather drew to a close. She'd rapidly received her memories and skills, so there wasn't much left for her to do. One day when Beauty approached her telling her she had one, she already knew her answer. It was the answer she'd had since day one and she couldn't go back on her word now: She was going home to Aather. But first she and the other AKBs had to have a concert during her feast.

Ultimately, what Aather did for Kanata is it made her... River. The only memory she had in the beginning was of an injured Takamina singing "River" for a giant audience. River as a song is about facing the current of life and not giving up hope, it's why she chose it as her Aather name. She's still very, very much Kanata but she's a stronger Kanata. She's a Kanata who has found her hopes and loves. She's faced death, fought back, and has had to realize she can't save everyone. She may not be a successor yet, but she hasn't given up.

In the distant future, Earth falls to ruin and humankind takes to the skies for salvation. During Earth's last days a Japanese idol group known as AKB48 continued performing for the fans without fail, and it's this idol group that AKB0048 takes its names and members from, literally. AKB0048 was created to take on the ideals and dreams of the original 48 group, and this is largely done by fighting the universe's entertainment ban. So, to shorten things out, 00 is a terrorist group of young girls going around singing about hope and love while fighting the entertainment ban and DES/DTGO.

Kanata was born on Saharastar. Her father was a soldier and a member of the pro-entertainment movement. She used to love to sing for him because it made her father happy when she did. Unfortunately, at some point in her young life, in one of the fights that broke out her father was killed by DES. Afterwards, Kanata grew angry and bitter. She vowed to get revenge on DES by joining 00 and becoming an official member so she could fight against them in dangerous battles. At the age of thirteen, the earliest a girl can audition for the group, Kanata auditioned and passed.

The two years Kanata spent in 00 before the series started appears to be a mixed one. By this I mean, we can tell she had good times but at the same time she grew more frustrated. She was a member of the 75th generation, nicknamed "the unlucky generation". This is because at the start of the series it was only she and Mimori left as everyone else in their generation had quit. Furthermore, a member of the 76th Generation, Youko/Sae, became a successor before the members of the 75th. Kanata says this had upset them because she and Mimori had both worked so hard but will still passed up by the junior. Likewise, when Kanata learns her little sister, Sonata, joined AKB at the start of the series she becomes infuriated. It's not so much because it's dangerous, although it is a factor, but because she didn't want Sonata to feel the same frustration and failure that she did at never making it.

Thanks to Mimori, however, Kanata was able to overcome these feelings. Because of Mimori Kanata was able to realize that it was okay to like singing and loving things, which until the start of the series Kanata was refusing to do. She had been too bitter and frustrated before that she'd began to think it was all worthless. Afterwards, Kanata instantly became more passionate about her position in 00. While she had always worked hard and is quoted by even Chieri to be "successor level," until that point her idol aura wasn't the best it could be. Now it was.

Something to note about Kanata, though, is even if her idol aura wasn't as radiant as it could be, she still managed to resonate with the soul of AKB48's captain, Takashi Minami (Takamina). What this meant is that Kanata's soul was ready to take on Takamina's but as there was already a Takamina in 00 she has/had to wait until the current one graduated. This is important, because it shows certain factors of Kanata's personality: namely her leadership abilities and selflessness. Kanata has always put the show and 00 above everything else. The group itself has always been important to her and so it doesn't matter what troubles she has to face-- she'll do it. She's one of the first to suggest they do a concert on a dangerous area and the moment she finds out how their variety shows are helping those under the entertainment ban she has the others follow along. Kanata is the captain of the trainees and is a constant support system. Whenever one of the girls is in trouble she chases after them and tries to help. And even when they pass her either in becoming a successor, getting solos, or even placing in the general elections she's endlessly supportive.

Despite her father's death, Kanata is also shown to be a person to easily bounce back. A really good example of this comes from the manga in that a building just nearly crushed her and the other members of 00 and she had glass shards sticking out of her leg, but she tried really hard to be energetic and helpful. Of course, this is a bit of an extreme one, but it's shown in the anime as well. Mostly this comes off in that if people say encouraging things it's easy to ignite passion in her. The best one of this is at the end of the series when she speaks about how there's no way Chieri could get over her dad's death so fast. Sayaka and Takamina both turn and tell her that they're there and that Akibastar is important to all of them and so Kanata's demeanor regarding it changes.

At her core, Kanata is dedicated and serious. She puts everything into her practicing and even Yuuko says that "this girl is amazing". The current Takamina is Kanata's role model and the person she wants to take after which worries Takamina-- as, for one, she knows Kanata was supposed to replace her,-- but even she says that "Kanata truly is the next generation's Takamina". Despite how serious and dedicated, sometimes harsh, Kanata can be she's also shown that she can be both caring and loving. Although she bottles up her disappointments and heartaches, Kanata can relate to people and it's in her nature to help them as much as she can.

In a lot of ways, Kanata is the same girl after Aather... Except that she's not as angry as she once was. Her friends and heart game helped solve that. Her friends, as well, have also given her even more belief in the power of friendship and love. This comes in large because Aather is a game where bonds stop darkness from destroying everything, so it' really influential. But Aather's also made her come to accept the fact that sometimes she can't help everyone, but she can try. It doesn't mean it will work, but she shouldn't feel if she can't. She'll still keep trying, though. She's began to do things for herself and admit her feelings... Ultimately, it's made her a stronger girl and a girl that had more closure then what canon gave her.

Most of Kanata's skills are considered mundane, even for her time. As an idol she studies dancing and singing on a daily basis. She's successor level which means she's on the professional level of singing and dancing. We also know she is fairly athletic outside of her idol training and is actually more physically inclined than any of the other 00 understudies (well, except perhaps Chieri who was not in that event). Kanata, like all members of 00, has combat training that includes using microphone light-sabers, steering platform stages, using grenades, and various other weapons. Unlike the other understudies, Kanata's father taught her how to pilot small mechas so she was well-versed even before becoming a member.

The trickiest of her abilities come from her position as an idol. All AKB members, current or former, either have heart or diamond highlights in their hair or eyes (graduates have the diamonds). Skill wise, Kanata has given birth, so to speak, to her own kirara. This kirara is kind of the catalyst of Kanata's idol aura. The levels that Kanata has obtained in radiance are these:
--Basic radiance! She can shine! Her kirara responds to her emotions and is able to shine during heartfelt speeches or songs.
--Intermediate radiance! Okay, so instead of just the kirara shining, Kanata gets to shine too! Sparkles everywhere.
--Understudy radiance! You get to sparkle just a little more, but with the added effect that at vital moments your kirara can also make a shield to protect you. At this point, idols are also able to start feeling the emotions of their audience/swaying them.
--Successor radiance! This is just understudy radiance at full blast. You sparkle more, you feel people's emotions more, and the audience starts becoming more inclined to listening to you quicker. Basically, you're mesmerizing!
--She also vaguely has "center nova radiance" which is a power that can transcend time and space by opening a portal to another world... But, uh, she's only done it the once and it was with all the other AKB members. So it's not something she personally has access to and isn't incredibly relevant.

-The idol knight uniform she wore in Aather
-A micsaber
-A Sterling silver/gray backbag of holding
-Her Sterling key and bracelet that held the last of her memories
-Two friendship bracelets from Star on Jasper
-5 Candles (they're meant to be use to functionally talk to someone in Aather, but I'm sure they won't work. So they're just nice silver candles).

Arrival: On the ship is fine!

[- Writing Samples -]

Network Sample: Aather is action based, so hopefully this is acceptable!

Log Sample:
If there was one thing Kanata had difficulties with after everything: it was getting back into a routine. While in Aather it was difficult to plan what you were going to do-- games were held out all hours of the day and usually you didn't get much of a choice of when you got to go. Normal sleep habits were not a thing, especially not with the occasional darkness attack. At least the latter wasn't something that happened as often, but that didn't make it any better. Camelot was about constant change...

Akibastar was about... Well, to her it was about embracing. The people of Akibastar had always welcomed 00 and music. Even when DES had taken over their hearts still loved music. They still embraced AKB0048 after everything they had been through. But it was a different embracing than she had gotten used to in the last couple of months. It was strange to think she had began thinking of Camelot, of Aather, as home. Sometimes she wanted to go back.

It was such an absurd wish even to her. She loved Aather-- she'd made plenty of friends and had a lot of good memories. Those memories though, too, were filtered with the bad. She'd made a promise to her juniors, too, a promise she intended to keep. Kanata had come back to find a path to her own dreams. Besides, if Aather needed her again it would call her. She knew that, she'd seen it for herself. Right now, though, it needed the others that were there more. She'd done her part for now.

"Still," she murmured to herself.

She couldn't help but feel she should be helping to, as so many legacies had before her. But as the clock chimed eleven times she nodded to herself and stretched. The practice room was empty, which was fine with her. Not many of the other girls came out this late to practice, but she did. Call it a side-effect of Aather, but now she spent even more time training than she did before. Which, according to Sonata, should have been impossible.

Impossible wasn't something that really crossed her mind anymore. So instead of worrying about it, Kanata instead delved into the songs set before her. First Beginner and then, for what felt like old time's sake, River. She became so engrossed in her work that the sound of clock startled her. Giving a weak laugh at herself, Kanata glanced around the room as the final notes of the music faded away. The dorm was quiet and peaceful this late at night.

"Normal, huh?" She breathe out with a yawn, stretching once more as she headed for the door, "I wonder if Mariko's still up. Ah, if she's not we should definitely have some tea together..."

With that in mind she trotted off to her dorm room. Even if she'd gotten use to Aather, there were many things she'd missed about Akibastar. One of them was sharing a room with her best friend.
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Name: Kisa

Age: 21


Contact: (

Activity/Involvement: I would love it as needed, but it's absolutely not necessary for me to want/play this character!


Name: Scathach: The Shadowy One, She Who Strikes Fear

Story: Celtic Mythology/ Táin bó Chuailgné/The Shadowy One

Domain: Suppression, Shadows, Wisdom, Wandering, Guidance

Affinities: Wholeness, Fear, Identity, Avoidance,

If you're not sure what to put for domains or affinities you can check out the spreadsheet here!  If you are still unsure you can just provide a general outlook/general list of things your personae would reward/appreciate.

Story Info: ( (This is a pretty good reference and links to the original story as well! Except, as far as I can tell it gets names wrong from all the others I've read. Uathach is Scathach's daughter and Aoife is her twin sister.) (Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information on the Gaelic/Celtic Goddess to really supplement here)

The story of Scathach is one that changes through time. It's said in one account that she and her sister, Aoife, trained warrior women in Rome until they were forced to flee north. Scathach settles on what's now known as the modern day Isle of Skye (formerly Isle of Scathach) and becomes a well-known Irish martial-artist. Men from throughout the land came to be taught by her, but getting to her isle wasn't the easiest thing to do. Scathach thought that truly be a warrior you had to overcome your fears and so to get to her first you had to face all of those things. Most people didn't succeed.

She's said to have trained many Irish warriors through her life, but the most notable was Cuchulain.
Cuchulain did not travel to her island alone, but the two that were supposed to accompany him gave up halfway through due to the rigorous trials her island set forth. So when the man arrived it meant that he was worthy of Scathach's training. Of course, her daughter immediately falls in love with him and... Cuchulain barges in, points a spear at Scathach's chest, and demands he train her.

...And so she agreed, too. (It's not in one of the versions I've read, but it's also around this time that Scathach granted him three wishes: to be trained by her, to marry her daughter, and to read his fortune. She also at some point gives him his famed spear. She's also known for having had sex with him and her other trainees).

Overtime, during Cuchulain's training, Aoife an Scathach break out into war. And when they set to battle, Scathach fed him a sleeping potion to keep him from going into it along with all the others. Except it lasted a total of an hour so he joined up with Scathach's two sons and together defeated Aoife's three greatest warriors. The next morning, Scathach sees her two sons approaching the battle and worries for them... But apparently Cuchulain has this because he appears and defeats three more soldiers at once.

At this point, Aoife herself challenges Scathach. Cuchulain however offers to go in her stead and asks Scathach what Aoife feared most. The women concedes and tells him what it is, showing some certain wisdom. So he tricks her and defeats her. After this Aoife swears to not turn against Scathach again and.... He started courting Aoife. Later, Scathach, known for the power of druids/fortunetelling, tells him of the suffering that will come in his future.

The next part of her story is her transition into the Gaelic Goddess of the Underworld and Battle (

The most popular way to connect Scathach's story to her mortal life is that she was a warrior women wisen to divinity. The stories from here are easy to combine with that in mind.
The Scathach that trained CuChulain is sometimes described as never aging which is on par with what people think of Goddesses. She was also known for her magical abilities and fortunetelling, something that tended to make her come off as a creature of darkness to the early people. The final likeness is in that Scathach was the guide for the dead-- usually warriors, but not always-- and helped them face their trials to the afterlife. This easily can relate to her isle, which not many people made it through and was known to be a path of suffering.

As such, in a lot of ways the Scathach that trained CuChulain changed very little. Instead of training people, she guided them on their very harshest of personal journeys: the one into death. Usually, she was a decent guide. She favored soldiers, but that's to be expected. Still, their journey was through their sins and fears and sometimes those who were known to be worst she'd drop off such people into torturous lands...

At the end of the day, no matter her version, Scathach is a warrior woman who's all about overcoming personal trials.

Notable physical traits:

Notable other traits:
While she's mostly a warrior, she's also presented very thoroughly as a female warrior and sexually accepting. For this, she still sounds feminine in speech. She speaks wisely in the myths and doesn't handle things recklesslessly, which is often traditionally considered masculine. She considers things as they are and answers however she deems fit. She worries about her sons and students getting hurt to the point she's known for putting them to sleep sometimes... But in the end if they're there she doesn't try to stop them. So she's very resourceful, while understanding that sometimes kids need to get into trouble to accomplish something.

As a Persona-- as well as a figure in mythology/tales-- Scathach is a figure of guidance against those who face personal trials. She's not about overcoming her own, but about helping others succeed in theirs. This means that a lot of her focus in life is in training people and when she is risen to Goddesshood it's about helping people accept their lives and moving on. Her themes, as such, would rotate more around that than battle (but they're presented in obstacles, obstacle courses in varying ways because it's who she is).

I've vaguely mentioned it before, but there are four main aspects we see Scathach as in any story: a warrior, a mother, a leader, and a lover. Each one of these aspects bleed into the other and so her personality can be read in all of them as a whole.

She's a woman who's unabashed by sexual desires and war. She doesn't flinch at things that would be considered unfeminine or difficult, but instead accepts them. Scathach doesn't answer things wistfully, there's always a purpose in how she carries herself and what she wants to do. This means that there are plenty of times she is overbearing or forceful in situations, but she can listen in the face of someone else's dilemmas.

As a whole, she's more of a caregiver than a villain. This doesn't mean she's free of villainous roles--- she isn't. Being the goddess gaelic of death and a leader of warrior woman means she's harsh. She will put you through trials that seem like torture-- and can be, really-- but ultimately if you prove yourself in various ways she's willing to accept it. This may mean passing under all the conditions of the task or breaking it and passing it in different ways: her essence is about crafting and destroying your own personal barriers, so there is no right and wrong answer.

So, despite any trials bared, she will always watch and keep a careful eye on the people before her. She will speak up if she feels it necessary. Other times, she may intervene in sly, sneakish ways to assure that the person isn't brought to any specific harm. This is the essence of her maternal desire, godly nature, and role as a warrior. If you make it to her side, then you are protected for the rest of time.

Even though she's known as the warrior maid, Scatchach is never seen attacking defenseless men. This isn't her trials to get to her island or what she puts soldiers through in the afterlife, but in actual battle she is perceptive and a strategist. The whole reason she doesn't want Cu to go alone is because she foresaw his death against a handful of enemies. She has strategies to the best methods of approach. In whole, this shows she isn't a careless woman and doesn't act without reason.

Of course, as a lover this role is kind of reversed. She doesn't blink from having sex with her students. Even Cu, who is in love with her daughter at the start of the tale, becomes her lover at some point. This shows that she has little reservations there and is a little more careless. So the idea of physical intimacy is a draw to her and something she approves of and is likely to be a part of and involve herself with (read: physical intimacy/kissing games).

The constant thing in all of these roles is that Scathach is a woman of confidence. She never falters in her role and expects that of the people who surround her. Or, more to the point, she knows that people can overcome trials and those who fail to do so aren't worthy. Which means that she can be fairly critical and unwavering in this sense. But her whole identity is overcoming these issues and standing your own ground, so it makes sense.

In the end, Scathach is a very free woman outside of her conditions of a leader and a mother. She's not afraid to break your hand nor is she afraid to tease you openly. She doesn't own the world, but she does own herself and it shows in her behavior. She just kind of reaches out and tries to guide people to their own 'owning', so to speak, in many of the stories.

Games: Scathach's games would usually run under the theme of "personal trials". Some games would go with presenting teams with choices of morality, but others would have characters being presented with general fears and seeing how they respond to them.

A lot of her games would also be fairly physical given what she's best known for. This may be in exploradas! She would have teams challenge each other and combat in whatever way they may way (obstacle courses, debates, etc). Competition with teams that others are known to have difficulties with would also be a thing...

In general, her games wouldn't usually be fluffy. Actually, they'd be more likely to make characters uncomfortable-- although not to the extent of trauma games unless it IS one-- just because she's all about overcoming what stands in your way.

That's not to say she won't have 'fluffy' games in a sense, but they'd all be about physical intimacy and kissing (hand holding, cuddling, etc).The extent would vary, but passion and accepting sexual desires would be a running theme. No one would be able to win by just going 'no thanks'.

Her games may test the bonds of teams and deception between them. For example, a game I have in mind recently would be a good fit for her in that teams create a 'trick' or a 'treat' and choose three teams. They must choose at least one team to receive the trick. The team receiving it must then guess which is it is based on who the team is. Of course, with Aather this would probably fall differently, but that's the general idea.

Mostly her games would largely be crafted to have teams overcome some sort of personal trial. There'll be a mixture of conversation games, but largely her games would be more competitive which is why I feel it would be a good persona for this time!

An example game would be as follows:
In round one teams would be asked to come up with three questions. These questions would not be accepted if they didn't follow the guidelines of it... well, not being "cutesy" questions. Only things like, "Each person in the room must admit one of their fears?", "What's one thing you lied about recently?" etc.
--They'd also be given the option of saying which team they think would be better to answer their number one question (although said team getting the question would depend on numbers/if everyone decided to send one/two teams the question. in this situation only what could be would be allowed).
-For the next three rounds each team would answer the questions. If they refused they'd lose points, but if they answered despite the troubles... They'd gain points.
-A potential bonus round would be one asking the characters what they think they've gained from the questions asked.

A game for her personal arc would be centered around her own fears: (Watching her daughter die, her island over-run, Cu being taken down, etc). And giving the heroes an option of what they would do in her shoes and how to handle the situation. This would end with each scenario being shown what would happen in her eyes. This would be three main rounds with a fourth bonus round of her directly asking them a question alike if they truly believe these scenarios could be changed and if impossibilities could be beat.

Most-- if not all-- of her games would be directed to a single focus. They're about being guided to find an answer or giving guidance to a fear. For example, the above game example is one I've done before-- but the idea behind it would be the the teammates would discuss and help each other persevere. Even obstacle courses would be designed in a way that even if one person has to complete the task, the others participating would be essential. While there would be a lot of physical/battle aspects to some games, that's by far the focus and it's more about learning and accepting who you are. She can just do it rather harshly at times!

Mingles/Events: There's actually quite a bit that would be fun to approach with her! If characters wanted to, she could help set up arenas/tournaments of battle to entertain the heroes and knights. Occasionally, she could even offer silly things for physical affections (but that wouldn't be something that would happen often). She could also help characters seeking it face personal demons/death and in that way be there as... Persona support? At least in regards to hiatuses, etc.

In contributing to Aather, she'd be best for any battles against the darkness/etc. While she wouldn't be a Persona about friendship! She is one of personal shortcomings meaning that in times of need she could help empower those who embrace that aspect and want to fight. Plot related, I don't really have anything in mind right this moment, but don't mind feeling an gaps necessary.

Mostly, what I really want from this is to play a Persona! Scathach is right down my alley because she can run the sort of games I'd like to play.

As a character arc for her, I'd love to see Scathach questioned by her nature to put people through trials to prove themselves. This is something I think Aather would be really good at. Because while she only puts soliders on trials and takes care of them, at the same time she can be harsh about it. Heroes in Aather would get the same vibe from her, and I feel they'd confront this and try to guide her in a new path. I just think there'd be a lot of interesting conflict to play with against the heroes of Aather. Because while she's a 'good' Persona type she'd also perform in a lot of questionable was to the heroes, so it would be a lot of push and pull.

I should note more plainly that a lot of my ideas with her come from interaction with the heroes themselves. Scathach's story is about her interaction with her warriors and with the dead, so she'd become invested in the heroes and knights of Aather. I already plan that a lot of my games will actually be pulled from her interactions with them and crafted around it. Also, however, a few ooc surveys because her games will be built around the characters themselves. In general, she would help those in need regardless of a game being run by her or not.

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Name: Kisa

Age: 20

Timezone: CST

Contact:, plurk: rainbowtrain, irc: Hazel



Character Name: Ronald "Ron" Bilius Weasley

Canon: Harry Potter


Appearance: (Rupert's not one hundred percent perfect but he will do)

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Character Info:
Ron Weasley was born into an old family as the sixth of seven children. There was a time where the Weasleys, as a pureblood family, would have been treated as something of royalty... But sometime before his birth the family diverged and stopped following the ideals of their ancestors. Some of them still do, of course, but the children of Arthur and Molly Weasley were not among them. For this, he grew up with little money and was ridiculed for his family name, but the benefits came in that he saw people for their worth and had a loving home.

Despite how much he loves his family and friends, however, Ron easily feels overshadowed. Being the sixth and the youngest boy means that all of his older siblings have accomplished everything he could dream of. He also felt shunted to the side because Ginny, his younger sister, was the first girl in the Weasley family for generations and thus given more attention. When he eventually befriended the Boy Who Lived and the Brightest Witch of Her Generation, well, of course that made this inferiority complex even worse.

The strange thing about this, though, is he never voices these inferiorities purposefully to people's faces. For example, although he's absolutely certain Harry lied to gain more fame in the Triwizard Cup, Ron merely distances himself and grumps in Harry's general vicinity. He doesn't tell him he's jealous, although there's a few hints of it in person, and Harry doesn't eve realize until Hermione brings it up. Which is actually vastly important, because this is how most of Ron's emotions work. He bottles everything up until they explode in one way or another.

Perhaps one of his most important qualities is that he is very loyal. Even when he's angry at someone he's known to put it aside when it's most important. One such time being when he and Hermione were rowing but, upon realizing she needed his help alongside Hagrid, he put it aside and took over the case when she as no longer fit to. Even later, when he leaves in Deathly Hallows, he immediately regrets his decision and tries to find his way back as soon as possible. This is an invaluable trait in Ron in that he will always put whatever misgivings he has aside in order to help his friends.

Ron is actually not as volatile as Harry for the above give reasons. Ron usually bottles things up forever before exploding and has fewer occurences because of this. And all of these come from a state of his insecurities/jealousies and his protectiveness to his friends and family. But he's less inclined to think the absolute worst of people as Harry is. There's a few moments of this when even he tells Harry he's being invasive and dumb about Malfoy's motives in year six and tells Hermione not to attack Draco at one point. Considering everything Draco does, Ron has more than enough reason to encourage either, but he doesn't do anything in retaliation without prompted reason (but he will gladly laugh when someone else does it).

The most important quality is that Rowling describes him as the heart of the trio. Hermione is logic and knowledge and Harry is the dedication and sometimes anger. Ron is the grounding point between the group. Harry notes that it's more fun with Ron around and in Ron's absence in the last novel Hermione hardly functions while Harry has no idea what to do (but Hermione and Ron were created to balance each other, so that's another story altogether). Ron is the one who is able to keep things moving eve when the other two are down and out or indecisive.

In all, he's a very normal boy who's fought in a war and grown up too fast. He's emotionally immature, but more so to the fact he is well aware of what he is feeling but doesn't know how to deal with it. Most of the time he's the one who can get people laughing, but when he's in a sorrow mood it's quite the opposite. He's a brilliant strategist when he wants to be and tends to be surprising for it. He wants to be seen and noticed for what he is, but also clams up when all eyes are on him. Mostly he is a boy who loves his friends and family more than anything and will sacrifice himself for them.


Memory Loss Considerations:
There would be no inferiority complex. I repeat: there would be no inferiority complex. Unless I am particularly cruel and immediately give him a memory of feeling inferior, which I'm not. This is really one of the most important aspects because it's in part also what makes him close off more of his feelings. So without it you basically have the eleven-year-old boy on the train ride to Hogwarts. He certainly showed he felt inferior then, but without the crippling inferiority complex that came from later years and the general distrust from wartime he'd be more open.

Trust is another important factor. At the beginning of the series he happily told Harry his whole life story but eventually would brush it off unless he did some miraculous feat (for example winning a Quidditch match). Unless he knows someone or has something important event wise to say he kind of lets what he has to say slide. So while he's always been fairly honest when directly asked something, without the memories of the war he'd be more-so open to saying things to strangers.

The existence of Hermione in his life will also have a crucial effect. This is because Rowling did create them to be balance each other out. Ron made Hermione loosen up and have fun whereas Hermione brought out the emotional side of Ron. Ron is an emotionally immature boy, but Hermione more-or-less had him confront his emotions. See: all of their rows. Rowling even describe book six as the book that Ron had to grow up in to "earn Hermione". So she plays a crucial role in making him face his emotions and so until those memories return he'll struggle unless something else becomes the catalyst.

Overall, this means he will be more sure of himself and less uncertain of things in general. He will otherwise be much the same boy, but these changes will actually be rather significant. He really will be the 11-yr-old boy on the Hogwart's Express because that's all he'll remember being: the slightly awkward but friendly boy.


Skills: (
Ron's skills that would need to be powercapped are his magic. His magic would be divided by "Years 1-4", "O.W.L. Level" and "N.E.W.T. level" of magic. The first branch is mostly lesser spells, so I don't think they'd have much effect sans if they're long-lasting spells in which case the time might be changed. O.W.L. level would be much the same, but with things like the Patronus charm they wouldn't take corporal form more than a few seconds. N.E.W.T. level is a weird one but this one mostly comes in the form of nonverbal spells not being able to be used. He's not quite as strong with N.E.W.T. level spells so it'd be about the same tier as O.W.L.

His skills would be as followed:
Years 1-4 Magic
O.W.L. Level Magic
N.E.W.T. Level Magic
O.W.L. Spell Knowledge
N.E.W.T. Spell Knowledge
Apparation-- Is the other one! Apparation is actually really dangerous already so he'd probably not be able to go long distances/more prone to spliching.
Voice Mimicry
Wizarding World Knowledge
Quidditch Knowledge


Team Considerations:
Ron is actually a good team player! If there are things he objects to rather it be he's lazy or morally against it he'll reject it. This can go either way in that if someone wants him to write a story in a game he may leave it to someone else or if it's a game suggesting to injure someone else he'll likely say no (unless he is REALLY, REALLY angry at someone but he's also been known to tell Hermione not to curse Malfoy and we all know how he feels about him).

He might not be exactly good at helping people through their troubles at first because he's uncertain of himself. However, he will also try to be there for them in his own way. For example when he stayed at Hogwarts specifically for Harry. He might not what to say, but he'll always be there to try and lighten the mood. And sometimes he actually inputs words of wisdom which is always fun.

He would probably take a role much like in canon in his team. Otherwise known as a grounder. He would likely get into arguments with his teammates but always be there at the drop of the hat if they really needed it. He would also try to provide the optimism when he thinks they need it or be the realist if needed, too. He's also capable of keeping people together and moving and would willing take that role if needbe. Mostly, he would be a good support system and probably older brother type overall.

In games they can go either way. Physical games? He will be all over. Conversation Games? Maybe at first. He was actually more talkative at the series start but progressively became more closed off. If given a chance to make some story up for fun, however, that might be different. If he's alone and having to write a story/meet everyone in a mingle he will probably just lazily do it. Trauma Games that involve injury he is most likely to nope on out of, as aforementioned, but ones where he can sacrifice himself he would... do that. Strategy Games would also be a forte of his.


Team Placement Request:
I AM ACTUALLY MOSTLY HAPPY WITH ANY TEAM FOR HIM. The only ones I can't really see are Iolite and Jasper. Ones that might be interesting are Sapphire, Coral, Turquoise, and Ruby. Sapphire because he has the general approach of nope.jpg out of things he does't agree with it. I can't verbalize why I think Coral other than I think he'd enjoy the light-heartedness of the team overall and get on wit them. Turquoise just FEELS Ron in that they are known to be lazy and also not do things they agree with. Ruby because he reacts similarly to events as many of the team and also similar to Coral feelings.... Tiger's Eye, too, because emotional stunting. But overall, I am fine with anything except for the above mentioned two!

In a lot of ways, Ron needs a team that are closer and less independent. While he'd be fine working with an independent team, probably more-so than either of his two best friends, he's always had a system of people that cared for each other. He would likely do well in a team that is exceptionally close or capable of viewing each other as a family (although the latter isn't really necessary). However, he is also pretty awkward so it might take a while for him to warm up to people..

The next thing which I'd value even above the above is a team that will bring Ron out of his shell. And by this I mean one that would encourage him to speak up and shine. This is actually an interesting thing to play with because Ron won't have anyone from his world to compare himself to and go "well they would be better". And so I think approaching his inferiority complex and showing him that he's better than he thinks is a really fun thing to play with.





Links (3 threads set in Aather-ish voicetest) (Percy Jackson!AU. He's mostly the same just Demigod setting. Mostly a thread with Hermione since all the other threads were dropped)

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